Photography courtesy of JAMES HOPKIRK


The repertoire section (the songs sung) will form the bulk of your session. We have divided our repertoire selection into three sections Life Repertoire I, Taught Repertoire and Life Repertoire II.

Life Repertoire is every song you have learnt from the songs your parents sang to what you learnt last week. Your life repertoire spans a huge range of styles, genre and periods and we have tried here to encourage some “thinking outside the box” to tap into some memories. Life Repertoire I is made up of songs which will benefit from having lyric sheets and Life Repertoire II is made up of songs which can generally be sung from memory if not entirely certainly enough to give pleasure.

The Taught Repertoire section lists songs that have been sucessfully taught over a period of several sessions, have been absorbed and, in some instances, actually requested at a later date. Over time they have become part of our members Life Repertoire.

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