Physical warm-ups

Photography courtesy of JAMES HOPKIRK


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Twinkle Fingers
Extend arms to front and wiggle fingers. A good way to get the group’s attention and focus.

Yawn and Stretch
A good yawn and stretch loosens the chest muscles and increases lung capacity.

Start with the right hand and flick outwards four times, repeat with the left hand, then tap the right foot four times and repeat with the left foot. Then go through the sequence again but flicking/tapping twice and finally repeat the sequence flicking/tapping once. Do this very slowly at first and build up speed over several sessions.

Shoulder Rolls
Roll shoulders forwards and back. Again this helps to loosen muscles and reduce tensions which will hamper relaxed singing.

Click the youtube link for this one, a children’s action song but we found it became very popular!

Rub Hands, up, down, in, out
Similar to Twinkle Fingers but rubbing hands together, then up in the air, down to the ground, out front, in close. Mix up the directions once familiar.


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