How to create your session

Photography courtesy of JAMES HOPKIRK


How you set up your vocal session is really important. You need the right space, the right resources, the right support as well as the right repertoire. Here are a few pointers for creating a session using this website and how to make sure everyone gets the most out of it.


Use this website as a pick and mix resource and you will deliver a well balanced session that includes a host of physical and mental benefits as well as being musically rewarding and fun.

For a one hour session you will need:
a) two or three Physical Warm Ups
b) two or three Vocal Warm Ups
c) one Mental Warm Up
d) one Round
e) three Life Repertoire 1 songs
f) one Taught Repertoire song
g) three Life Repertoire 2 songs


You need a good space to run your session in, one that is large enough for you group to sit comfortably in a circle. You don’t have to use a circle format but it is easier for you as the facilitator to keep everyone focussed and make sure everyone is engaged.

Other things to consider about your space are:
a) Air – you can’t sing without it so open windows if the room is stuffy

b) Light – participants need to be able to read lyric sheets so make sure there is plenty of light. Flickering lights can cause distress or confusion so make sure lights are working well

c) Noise – external noise is distracting try and minimise it by putting up signs asking people to keep the noise down and try and avoid having to use spaces where there is through traffic


You can’t do it alone! Particularly if you want to enhance the experience by singing two or three part rounds (something which can create a real sense of achievement and personal development for your participants)


a) Have one song to a side of A4
b) Use a good size type 14/16pt well spaced vertically. It the whole song doesn’t fit leave a verse out it is far better that what is there is legible
c) If you are using more than one lyric sheet staple them together so you are only giving out one thing and the flow of the session is disrupted by constant giving out and collecting of paper
d) Avoid giving out anything that will not be used, it causes confusion


The big thing is to know your material well and deliver it with confidence. If you are having a good time everyone else will.
Don’t be tempted to go too quickly, you may have rehearsed your session but everyone else is experiencing it for the first time.
Repetition is GOOD! Repeat new material at least three times, it’s not boring it just gives participants a chance to process what you are asking them to do.





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