About Us

“I feel that Let’s Not Sing Tipperary (every time) is a wonderful resource for beginners like me. I was doubting whether I should have a go at a choir but having come across this resource now feel that it is possible.”

Clare, Care Home Activity Coordinator

THE HEALTHY LIVING CLUB  has been delivering quality music sessions to a community of 50 plus members living with dementia since 2008. With the help of The Mrs Smith and Mount Trust, we have run a twelve month project aimed at trying out and evaluating a range of repertoire to make running singing sessions easier and maximise the benefit for people living with dementia whatever their (or your) musical background.

Devised and led by Musician in Residence, MELANIE JONES BA ARSM with Admiral Nurse, Dave Bell and volunteer musician, Rosemary Publicover the Let’s Not Sing Tipperary project has culminated in the development of this website which details a whole range of Warm Ups (physical, vocal and mental), Rounds, Life Repertoire and Taught Repertoire with reference links to youtube where appropriate and ratings for Engagement, Vocal Expression and Positive Mood.

The project has been professionally evaluated by BELINDA SOSINOWICZ, MA, MSc Positive Psych. Mapp. Arts and Health Consultant www.tapartproject.co.uk  Click here LNST Final Report to download a copy of her full report.

Just for the record, we have nothing against “It’s A Long Way To Tipperary”. It’s a great song and we like singing it – just not all the time!

If you find this resource useful, please consider helping us keep people singing by making a donation to The Healthy Living Club.

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